Angel Song: Peaceful Piano Solos

by Suzanne Davis Harden

Released 2014
Released 2014
Peaceful, harmonious, meditative piano solos.
Angel Song
Angel Song features many of my first original piano compositions. All were created on the over twenty year old Yamaha Clavinova that my younger sister Kelly (who is an amazing pianist) gave me when my children were little so that my daughter Faith could take piano lessons.
At the time, I never dreamed I would someday be composing my own music on that instrument.

I have always loved Classical Music and peaceful piano solos in particular. As a visual artist and writer, I used to love to listen to these while painting and writing. One of my favorite pieces of music was Pachelbel’s Canon.
Every time I saw the keyboard I had the craziest thought, “I wonder if I could learn to play the Canon.”
Finally I asked Kelly, who was attending a university near us, if she thought she could teach me how to play the Canon.
I couldn’t believe she said yes without batting an eyelash.
She brought over a music book with notes all over it that looked like a mess of math problems to me. I will admit that I took music theory (it was NOT an elective class) as a senior in high school. I got straight A’s in every other class with very little effort EXCEPT for that one.
For some reason, my brain does not like to read musical notes. But Kelly was undaunted by my disability. She was extremely patient and I must give her great credit for doing what no other piano teacher has ever been able to do before or since~ she actually taught me how to play that beautiful piece of music according to the notes! She would have made a brilliant piano teacher.
I played Pachelbel’s Canon religiously until I had it in my memory and then I chucked the music book and played it from memory to my heart’s content.
Alas, I think this must have deeply grieved my sister for she had worked tirelessly to teach me the sharps and flats and everything else I’d learned in my senior year of high school and forgotten.

Most of the music on this album corresponds to a prayer song inspired by a Psalm or a Bible verse.
(There is an interesting story behind "Angel Song", track 8 on this album. You will find the story under its title on this website.)
I pray that this music will bless and bring joy and peace to all who listen to it.

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