Echoes from Heaven: Peaceful Instrumental Solos

by Suzanne Davis Harden

Released 04/29/2016
Suzanne Davis Harden
Released 04/29/2016
Suzanne Davis Harden
Timeless Instrumental solos reflecting the beauty and peace of the realms of eternal joy.
"Echoes From Heaven" features 12 tracks of original peaceful instrumentals, including, piano, strings, and pan pipe solos.
Each of these musical compositions are piano prayer songs. They form as musical prayers and ascend to Heaven as they are played. They are a form of spiritual worship.
Their true Composer is the Holy Spirit.
I just play the notes as the Lord guides my hands or as I hear the melody the Lord gives me. I give the Lord Jesus Christ all glory for this album and for all the music He's given me. It's all from Him and for Him.
May the music on "Echoes From Heaven" bring rivers of peace and hope from the One who inspired it to all who listen.

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