Paths of Peace

by Suzanne Davis Harden

Released 2014
Released 2014
Peaceful melodies with a Celtic sound, woven together with Biblically inspired Lyrics sung in an ethereal vocal style reminiscent of Enya.
“Paths of Peace” is my fifth album. It is my first album that features only my vocal prayer songs without any of my instrumental music. It has ten beautiful prayer songs inspired by many of the psalms in the Bible.
While the prayer songs have a strong Celtic influence, they are also reminiscent of ancient Gregorian chants for the only
instrumentation used is my voice and the echo it produces, giving the music what others have described as “a heavenly, angelic quality.”
Quiet and peaceful, the music is perfect for creating an atmosphere of worship, harmony, and tranquility in any environment.

Background Notes For My Lyrics
The first track, “Christ My Shepherd,” was directly inspired by Psalm 23, a Psalm
written by King David, which begins, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…”
Many of my other prayer songs were more indirectly inspired by several themes taken
from various psalms and scriptures throughout the Bible.

The Bible is a book written by people like us: imperfect humans.
Although its authors had faith enough to hear God’s voice and obey Him, they also could
disobey Him too~and often did!
They stumbled, they had their doubts, fears and worries just like we so often do.
Jesus came into this world to save sinners, not perfect people. For there are no perfect
Just because we invite Jesus to live inside our hearts does not mean that we will
automatically become perfect people.

We are saved by God’s mercy and grace. Salvation is a free gift offered to each of us.
However, Jesus Christ the Son of God paid a high price to be able to offer us that
beautiful gift when He suffered and died on the cross and paid for our forgiveness with
His own precious blood.

If we belong to Christ, for as long as we live in our human bodies, we will still stumble and fail Him because we are human.
He understands this perfectly (even if some of us don't) because He made us.
He is a God of mercy and love. When we do sin, He promises to forgive us.
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all our unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9
“Christ , My Bridge,” “I Will Wait For The Lord,” “Whenever I’m Afraid,” and “Fix Your Eyes on Jesus,” are all prayer songs that address our humanness, our weaknesses and our need for the Lord at all times.
The Lord inspires all of my prayer songs and as He gives them to me, I record them.

I was reading an historical novel series, "Home Always Beckons," "Trails of Change," and "Sunbeams at Twilight" by gifted author Lana Lynne Higginbotham. I was suddenly inspired when one of her characters in "Trails of Change" called God “the Maker of my trails.”
That inspiration led me to create the prayer song: “Lead Me Ever On,” which is track 5 on my album.

My prayer song, “And Yet a Little While” was written during a trip to Los Angeles.
I saw many homeless people there and was overwhelmed by all the needs. Suddenly the
Lord reminded me that He sees and knows each soul by name; not one of them are
obscure to Him.
He reminded me that He prays for each one of us each day. We don’t have to be a famous
celebrity or rich or have a great job or live in a house or be someone “acceptable” to
society for Him to love and know us.
Each one of us are very special to Him. He CHERISHES us.
He died on the cross to save every one of us so that we might be forgiven of our sins and
live forever in Heaven with Him.
He prays daily for all our needs; He knows just what they are, nothing about our lives
escapes His notice.

One of my friends who is a Survivor of horrible child abuse was facing a difficult trial.
For her birthday I prayed that the Lord would give me something special for her
to help her know how much He cherished her.
He heard my prayer and gave me the prayer song, “God Hears Your Every Prayer,” to encourage her heart.

Though written for my friend, every time I hear that prayer song, I am comforted. --
it’s as if God meant it just for me too!
All of the prayer songs and poems that the Lord gives me are like this—God speaks a
message through them to whoever needs to hear and be encouraged by them.
Like all of God’s children who sit at His feet and listen for His voice every day, I’m just
delivering the message that He gives me to share and I praise Him for this honor.

Each prayer song on this album is comforting, and reflects God’s love for us. My prayer
is that as you listen to these songs and meditate on the words, may you feel God’s
beautiful love and be drawn closer to His heart.
God bless you.

*Technical Information About My Music
I write all of my lyrics, compose all my music, and perform and record it in my home recording studio. I also design and create my own album artwork. My husband Mark gives me invaluable technical, moral, and spiritual support in everything I do. His knowledge and expertise in audio and computer equipment is invaluable and he deals with every aspect my work that are far beyond my ability to handle. He is a beautiful blessing and I thank God for him everyday.
The Lord Jesus Christ inspires all of my music, art, and writing. I give Him all the glory for all of it. Apart from Him I can do nothing.

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