Winter Melodies Original Peaceful Piano Solos

by Suzanne Davis Harden

Released 2014
Wings of the Morning Publications, LLC
Released 2014
Wings of the Morning Publications, LLC
Beautiful Piano Solos that bring a sense of wonder and delight to your holiday music traditions.
Winter Melodies is my newest instrumental album featuring twelve tracks of my original piano solos that are peaceful yet filled with joy to reflect the wonder and hope of the holiday season.
The beautiful music on this album is intended to bring peace to those who listen; to relieve stress and anxiety during the busy holiday season when there is so much going on and when one never seems to have a moment to just stop and rest.
To enjoy this album, find a place to pause from all your work. Take time to listen to one of these songs and imagine yourself in the quiet woods with the snow swirling gently all around you, as in the first track, “The Snowflake Dance.”
Allow the music to take you to unexplored places in your imagination and let your soul be filled with rivers of peace.
If you have trouble sleeping, let the peaceful music be as a soothing lullaby to help you unwind and find your way to the place of beautiful dreams.
If you like to dance, let the beautiful melodies inspire you to interpret the songs through the poetry of motion.
If you enjoy meditation and stretching, let these melodies be as a quiet backdrop for you.
If you like to worship, let the beautiful music inspire you as you lift your soul to your Creator.
Consider playing these lovely piano solos in your studio, office, workplace or store.
Personally, I have found that listening to music while I work fosters greater creativity, and the music on Winter Melodies is sure to bring a lovely atmosphere of peace to any environment.
Winter Melodies is a wonderful album for all those who treasure peaceful piano solos. Created especially for the busy holiday season, this beautiful album can be enjoyed all year long.

The Lord Jesus Christ inspires all of my songs. I give Him all of the glory for every song on this album.
Without my husband Mark's love and faithful support and brilliant technical help I could not have created this beautiful album.
The Bells of Heaven and Christ’s Joy were both composed on my Ipad, while all of the other songs were composed on my Yamaha Clavinova.
May the Lord use all of the beautiful songs on this album to bless and bring peace and joy to all who listen throughout the holidays and all year long.

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