Never Be Another You (Piano Solo)

Suzanne Davis Harden
Suzanne Davis Harden



Illustration © 2009 SD Harden All Rights Reserved.

Never Be Another You

Song Lyrics & Music © 2009  Suzanne Davis Harden  All Rights Reserved ASCAP


There will never be another you,

You’re the only you I made;

Your life to Me is precious;

I call you be your name.

I spoke you into being

Unfolding as My dream

Like a flower growing;

A masterpiece to glean.

I couldn’t live without you,

So I made a way to die,

So I could redeem you,

I became your sacrifice.

My love for you is wider

Than a universe of stars;

Deeper than the deepest depths

Of the farthest, farthest far.

My love for you is measureless;

You are to Me a gift,

And when you choose to love Me,

Oh how you make Me rich!

--A treasure I delight in,

And though I am unseen

When you choose to live for Me

You then fulfill My dream.

For you are My dream

And I want to finish you;

Oh, won’t you choose to live for Me

And be My dream come true?

For I know the plans I have for you

To save you from your sins;

To give you a future filled with hope

And make My dream your dream.

No, I couldn’t live without you,

So I gave My life for yours;

All your sickness, sin, and shame

On the cross I bore.

There will never be another you;

Your soul I can’t replace;

Now you may not see Me,

But someday face to face.

© SD Harden All Rights Reserved.




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