Since June 2014 the Lord has given me a number of music projects!

  • Angel Song Peaceful Piano Solos
  • Mercy River Melodies
  • Paths of Peace, Prayer Songs of Love and Peace
  • Winter Melodies, Peaceful Piano Solos
  • Engraved Upon His Hand, Piano Solos From the Heart of God
  • Beloved Hymns of the Christian Faith

As I write this in March 2015 that is SIX ALBUMS in the span of EIGHT MONTHS!!!!

I don't know about you, but that is a lot of music to create, record, and produce, and publish within less than a year.

But God is very amazing and generous with His gifts. And when you consider that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and often suffer from debilitating migraines, I am utterly astounded and humbled that those albums could have been created and produced at all, let alone in less than a year's time. I look back and know that I could not have done any of it but by the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ alone and I give Him all the praise and glory for it all. Truly, apart from Him I am nothing and can do nothing.


How did I create all that music in such a short span of time, especially when you consider all of my other responsibilities including managing my Etsy Shop where I create and sell greeting and encouraging cards, fine art prints as well as music, managing and creating content for 16 social networks, let alone my personal responsibilities~ I do have a life outside of my work!

How was it possible? Only by the hand of our amazing and awesome God who just graciously gives me songs all of the time.

All He asks of me is that I be faithful to record them. And so I do.

After dinner, I will sit down to play my piano, and that is when the Lord Jesus will give me songs. Sometimes as many as 4 or 5 in one night! He will whisper to my heart by His Holy Spirit what to name them. I will do all He asks me to do with them.

Sometimes the Lord just wants me to play songs I've already created, just to practice them so that I won't forget them. I love to do this because I love to read the words to the songs as I play them.

The prayer songs that the Lord has given me with words are most comforting. Since I don't read notes, the words themselves are notes to the music as I play that help me to remember the melody of the song.

The Lord has given me countless beautiful encouraging prayer songs and peaceful piano solos. Some of the instrumentals are peaceful guitar solos, some feature the cello, and some feature other stringed instruments like violins.

I have no idea what my Lord will guide me to do with all He has given to me. I only know that I have been faithful and obedient to record and produce what He asked me to record and produce so far.

This I do know: "He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake..." (Psalm 23)

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  Peaceful Piano Solos © 2014  Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.



Piano, Strings, & Guitar © 2014 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.

Original Prayer Songs of Love & Peace © 2014 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.

Winter Melodies Album Cover

Winter Melodies, Original Peaceful Piano Solos © 2014 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.

Engraved Upon His Hand, Piano Solos From The Heart of God © 2015 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.

Beloved Hymns of The Christian Faith © 2015 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.

You may wonder why God would ask me to create an album of traditional hymns when He has given me so many original prayer songs. I wondered that too~especially since I was right in the middle of creating an illustrated book of the lyrics to my album "Paths of Peace," and was determined to self-publish it in January! I was so close to my goal when the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart to do this album of hymns.


I wish I could say that I humbly and cheerfully complied with the Almighty's request.

But the word of God tells us to confess our faults and so I will admit to you that I was not a happy camper to be pulled off my book project to go and make an album of hymns. :( And I let the Lord know it.

But He being so patient and loving and forgiving told me that it was for my own good that He had done this.

I have learned in my walk with God over the years in all of His dealings with me just to accept where He leads me and to trust that He really does know what is best for me and absolutely knows what He is doing at all times.

I have learned to live by the scripture in Proverbs 3:4-6:

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."

The first song the Lord asked me to sing on the album was a Fanny Crosby hymn I had never heard before and did not know the tune to. I had not been raised in a church where traditional hymns were sung so I have had to learn many of them in our current church where they are sung every week. But this hymn, "All The Way My Savior Leads Me," they never sang this one in our church or any church I had ever attended!

Though I did not know the tune the words were amazing! And they softened my heart to the task the Lord had called me to. And suddenly, the whole project became a pure work of joy! God indeed did know what He was doing! I prayed about the Fanny Crosby song, Lord, please give me a tune for this hymn. And He promptly gave me one.

And I promptly recorded it into my IPOD. But then I thought, I wonder if the original tune to this hymn sounds better. So I listened to it on YouTube. I liked it but I liked the one the Lord gave me better. :)

(I think it was because I learned the song that way.) And the Lord gave me an original tune for the beautiful William Cowper hymn "God Leads In Mysterious Way."

Again, had I grown up with these hymns I probably would have sung them to their original tunes because that is the way I would have learned them. But once God gives me a tune and I learn the song that way, then I can't get that way of singing it out of my head.

So there is the story behind those original tunes to the Fanny Crosby hymn and the Cowper hymn on my hymn album. All the others are the original tunes to the beautiful traditional hymns of our Christian faith.

And I learned a big lesson through the very first song:

"And I know whatever befalls me, Jesus doeth all things well." ~Fanny Crosby

My book could wait~it was all in God's hands. Surrendering to God's will was the most important thing in my life and submitting to Him was what truly loving Him was all about. So why did He want me to do an album of hymns anyway?

God always knows what is best for us at all times.  At the end of my life I will say with Fanny Crosby,  "I know that Jesus led me all the way..."


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