All glory to God who has blessed me with a new instrumental album to share with you!

My 9th album features 16 tracks of peaceful guitar melodies that roll along like a calming spring in a warm summer meadow to bring your soul to a place of quiet rest.

There are so many reasons to thank the Lord for blessing me with the beautiful, peaceful guitar tracks on this album! For I know that all the music--and everything else I create really comes from Him.

As I sit at my piano, and play what I hear in my heart, often based on the prayer songs the Lord has already given to me, the music comes to me as His gift. I am just a conduit of His grace so I give Him all glory.
My piano is a Yamaha CVP-505, a gift from my husband. It is a wonderful instrument that is capable of creating many different kinds of voices. And the guitar is just one of them. So the guitar voice you hear on the music of this album came from my piano, not a traditional guitar!

I  composed all of the songs on my piano as usual, but changed the voice to the guitar.

And I will often experiment with the different voices on my piano to see which ones are the most peaceful. Several can be combined to give an orchestral effect. My piano is a composer's dream and I praise the Lord for it!

I suffer from an autoimmune disorder that causes me to have chronic migraines. Every day I will get one and they are often quite severe.
One of the ways that the Lord helps me to bear this cross is through the calming music He blesses me with.  

The music on the Rivers of Grace album came to me as a special gift from the Lord, for every night as I listened to it before going to bed, no matter how much pain I might be in, the calm peaceful guitar music He gave me sent me right into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The music on Rivers is very relaxing and is wonderful for reducing stress as well as a sleep aid. I know this is true because it calms me whenever my migraine is very severe and I listen to it while doing special breathing techniques to lessen my pain and other symptoms.

Another great benefit to listening to this album at night is one that I learned recently from my doctor. He mentioned that brain researchers say that sleeping while listening to peaceful music is actually healthy for your brain!

As a creative visual artist and writer, I love to listen to quiet music while painting or writing. This album creates the perfect environment for me when I'm doing any sort of creative work.

I give God all the glory for everything I do for I know that apart from His strength I can do nothing. But I praise Him especially for this album for it has blessed me in so many ways.

If you just enjoy quiet, calming reflective music, and if you enjoy the sound of the guitar, then you may find Rivers of Grace to be just the album you want. I pray that the music will bless you as it has me.



Check out sample tracks from my new album, Rivers of Grace Peaceful Guitar Melodies, in the Audio player in the left sidebar!



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