Wordless Lullabies

Nana Suzanne Rocking baby Vera humming to her

Wordless Lullabies

On my new album, “Until The Day Breaks,” I included four wordless lullabies.

Of course there are sixteen other tracks on my album and I don't mean to exclude them here, but these four songs are very different from the others so I want to focus on them as the subject of this post.  

All of the other songs the Lord gave me in the usual way He gives me songs, but these four were composed very much as one of my paintings are composed: like a treasure hunt, like a puzzle, and over the course of many months.  

These were some of the songs that the Lord had helped me to create after much trial and error in my search for some type of music that would help alleviate the pain and anxiety that accompany my frequent bouts with migraines. 

It was not until I had the wondrous joy of taking care of my second grandbaby that I heard what might be a key ingredient in the remedy I was searching for.   

Nana SuzanneRocking baby Vera humming to her

God uses millions, perhaps trillions of conduits through which He speaks to us all the time. We just don’t always recognize, accept, or pay attention to His delivery systems. Who would have ever thought that God would have spoken His wisdom to me through a bathroom fan? 

When Baby Vera was two months old we took care of her for a couple of weeks. When fretful, nothing would calm little Vera but the monotonous bathroom fan in the house we were renting.  

This exhaust fan produced an exquisitely loud white noise like the sound of the surf of the ocean waves pounding the shore, only it was continuous. It's noise completely drowned out all other noise in the house, somehow comforting baby Vera, yet only as long as I held her and sang softly to her.  

Nana Suzanne holding baby Vera humming to her
The reverb and the white noise blended together in a wondrous way with the soft humming sound so that it helped baby Vera doze off quietly.

Her daddy had also discovered that if he rocked her gently and sang to her in the bathroom with the exhaust fan running that she would calm down. It was not so much a matter of who did the singing, so much as it was the combination of soft singing, the fan noise, of being held close and rocked gently that calmed her.

I thought about the combination of soft humming with white noise and the effect it could have on my migraines.
What if somehow a similar calming effect like the fan noise and the humming produced in baby Vera could somehow be reproduced in music?  Just the right blending of humming, white noise, reverb, and echoes, for example? I prayed and asked the Lord for wisdom.  

I was desperate to find some kind of relief. (My migraines are very severe, particularly during allergy season when pollen levels are high.)
I can’t tolerate the usual triptan migraine medications or anti-inflammatory relievers unless they are topical. So I must seek alternatives to help combat my pain and other fierce symptoms.   

When I get migraines I flee to the arms of the Lord. Like a fierce storm exploding in my head, a nightmare erupts with my brain feeling like it’s expanding in all directions. I can only cling to the one sure Rock who is stable and who will never leave or forsake me.  

I needed a type of wordless music that would alleviate my anxiety, for anything with words was out of the question.
Words can be distorted in a migraine, as can traditional music, along with odors, and sight. I needed soothing sounds. Like white noise. Like a mommy’s humming. 

The Lord led me to softly hum in whatever tune He gave me.
Then He led me to layer the humming tracks until just the right echo was produced.
I prayed and then edited the sound until I thought I had gotten just the right reverb setting. Then came the test.
If that result did not work on my migraines I had to go back and re-adjust the layering and/or settings until I found what would work to alleviate my anxiety, comfort me, and put me to sleep during a fierce migraine attack.  

Finally the Lord led me to discover what sound settings brought relief. He helped me to create several of what I called “wordless lullabies” so I could put them into a playlist and use them to calm me when my illness flares.

How I thank the Lord for this blessing, and for the Holy Spirit who gave me the wisdom to understand what I needed to do to make these wordless lullabies.  

They didn't reproduce the sounds that I thought I needed to get the effects I was after. What worked for little Vera was the key that helped me understand what type of sound I needed to work toward. But it was not the sound I was meant to duplicate to achieve my goal.

Ultimately, the Lord knew what I needed all along. He had me pray and search the matter out. It took over two years of seeking, praying, and experimenting. So much trial and effort. I have found this promise from scripture to be so true: 

“If any of you needs wisdom to know what you should do, you should ask God, and he will give it to you. God is generous to everyone and doesn’t find fault with them.” James 1:5

When we ask God for wisdom. His Spirit gives it to us in His own way and time. If we don't get our answer right away, we need to be patient. The answer will come but we need to remember, God wants to teach us something. Some lessons just can't be learned overnight, in one day, in two weeks, or even in two years. Some things even can take a life time to learn.

God loves us all so very much. We are all truly His precious little Lambs Whom He treasures like a mommy treasures her little ones.
The Lord said in His Word: 

“Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should not have compassion on the child of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” Isaiah 49:15-16 - KJV

Scripture:God will not forget you He has engraved you on His hand your walls are always before Him: Isaiah 49:16

I pray that the Lord will use these four wordless lullabies to comfort you or your little ones and bring you peace, even as He has used them to comfort me in my suffering.
They are best played very low and when you go to sleep or need to relax or do quiet or creative tasks.  

May God bless you!
Love always and forever,

Wordless Lullabies: 

When The Wind Sings
The Angel Ballet
By The Mercy Tree River Lullaby
The Moon Danced and All the Stars Sang

Until The Day Breaks ~ Peaceful Lullabies For Children  © (P) 2019 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved All Glory To God.
Wordless Lullabies © 2019 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved. All Glory To God.
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