Vol 3 Paths of Hope Illustrated Prayersong Book

Paths of Hope is the third book in my Paths Illustrated Peaceful Prayersong Book Series. it will be released as an Ebook on March 31, 2018. Paths of Hope Ebook is available for purchase at Bookbaby and Ibooks.

The prayersongs

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Paths Of Love Illustrated Devotional

Paths Of Love Illustrated Prayersong Book

Prayersongs Celebrating God's Love~Written & Illustrated by Suzanne Davis Harden

All glory & honor to our wonderful God who has blessed me with another book in my Paths Illustrated Prayersong Series!

Book Two, "Paths…

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Paths of Peace

Psalm 103:1-2 (ERV)

“My soul, praise the Lord!
    Every part of me, praise his holy name!
 My soul, praise the Lord
    and never forget how kind he is!”




All Glory to our wonderful God who has blessed…

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