Christ Within Us

Mary and Baby Jesus (Via Pinterest)


© 2014 Suzanne Davis Harden

All Rights Reserved.


Lord, long ago You did conceive

Thy Son within the womb

Of a Virgin that He might

Become a man on earth.


Born a tiny baby

In a stable yard;

The Prince of Heaven came to earth

Stripped of Heaven’s garbs.


Born a helpless baby

To sinners weak and frail,

You entrusted Deity

To people who could fail.


Lord, Thy love is measureless

Thy mercy reaches high,

Thy love for us is fathomless

As endless as the sky.


How could You trust Thy precious Son,

A weak and helpless thing,

To the care of sinful man

And know they'd faithful be?


Thy wisdom and Thy mercy

Reaches to the stars

Oh praise our Father, Lord above

Our holy Father God!


For Jesus Christ, Thy holy Son

Is given to us all

When we ask Him be our Lord

He comes into our hearts.


And we must nurture this new life

As Mary nurtured Christ,

Her tiny baby Son of God

Given Christmas night.


 We must nurture Jesus Christ

Born within our hearts,

The life that You entrust to us

When we make You our God.


We must love Him tenderly

As Mary did her babe,

As Mary sang to Jesus,

We give Him all our praise.


As Mary read to Jesus

He waxed strong and bright,

And as we read our Bibles

We will grow in Christ.


The life of Christ grows in us

As we nurture Him,

Caring for Him faithfully

As loving Mary did.


Oh Father God in Heaven

Thank You for the life

Of Thy son You put in us,

The life of Jesus Christ.


Thank You that You're molding us

And making us anew

In the image of Thy Son

To ever live with You.


Heavenly Father, it has been said that each of us is an innkeeper that must make room for Christ in our lives each day.

Throughout this busy holiday season, please help us to keep these words in mind. Help us to remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself each morning as we awaken, "Abide in me and I in you, for apart from Me, you can do nothing."

Help us to remember that Thy Holy Spirit within us is the actual Spirit of thy Holy Son Jesus Christ in our hearts.

Help us to be as Mary nurturing the Baby Jesus and nurture the beautiful Spirit of Jesus Christ within us, developing a solid, loving relationship within Him that is ever growing stronger every day through prayer, bible study and worship.

Thank You, Lord, In Jesus' holy name, Amen.

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"Christ Within Us" (Prayer Poem) © 2014 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.

Painting of Mary with Baby Jesus (Artist Unknown, via Pinterest)

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