Original Video Painting

God So Loved The World ~27 seconds

God So Loved The World is a 27 second scripture painting video the Lord blessed me with this past Saturday October 21, 2023.

After suffering from a severe migraine the Lord encouraged me to paint a picture of Christ with the crown of thorns, to remember that He’d once suffered violent pain in His head too when He died for all our sins. He understood my suffering and was with me. As I painted I felt His presence comforting me.
He gave me the scriptures in this video to meditate on after I felt better and could create this project ~~which I pray will encourage everyone as much as it has encouraged me, in Jesus’ name, amen.


The Art software I used to paint the picture on my IPad is an app called Sketchbook. I used Adobe Software to add the animations and desing the graphics; I used IMovie to assemble the video and then Picollage to create a border around it.
😊 ~~I just discovered PicCollage could even create videos! What fun!

I have been too hampered with migraines to make many videos lately so am excited when the Lord does enable me with the grace to make one not only to comfort and encourage me, but to share with His children!

May this effort bless you all and remind you of His great love and sacrifice for each of us, especially if you are in a challenging situation, shadow valley, or suffering pain.

May all who read this know that you are ever in the Lord’s prayers. For the Bible says that Jesus is always praying for us at the right hand of His Heavenly Father every day and night, and He knows our every need, and His prayers are always answered according to God’s will at the right time. The Lord loves each of us as if we were the only child He had to love. He has no special favorites, for all are His favorites, In Jesus’ Name amen. 🙏🏽❤💕

Painting video © Suzanne Davis Harden Accomplished Through The Indwelling Risen Lord Jesus Christ,Inspired by His Holy Spirit, To the Eternal Glory Of God the Father, In Jesus’ Holy Name, At whose Name Every Knee Shall Bow, Every Tongue Confess
That Jesus Christ Is Lord Forever and Ever, Amen.