Almighty God Is

Almighty God Is

May the Lord use this meditative spiritual Prayerpoem to encourage you tonight.


Heavenly Father, may You bless all who read this prayerpoem,

Fill each heart with every assurance of Your love for them, of Your divine reality, though we cannot see You with our physical eyes nor hear Thee with our ears, but with our hearts only in this world, help Thy children know and believe that You made them to love them.

Despite every sorrow and dark storm and suffering that afflicts their lives You see what they are going through.

Lord, You are indeed with every child even as You were with Thy only Son on the cross, and You will not forsake Your child who is suffering.

Thy Word promises that neither death nor life can separate the child of God from Christ’s love, for Christ suffered death that Thy children could have everlasting life and peace with God forever.

Father, comfort Thy children tonight with these thoughts, thank You, Lord, we love You, ~ In Jesus’ name amen.

❤🙏🏽 Suzanne