All Of Heaven Dances

A Video Prayer Poem

About the creation "All Of Heaven Dances"

The original music for this video is from my album, "Come Worship The Lord," from the track: "All Heaven Dances." 

The Prayer Poem was inspired by the Bible Story about King David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant found in 2 Samuel 6 and I use verse 14 as the impetus for the story in the poem..."and David danced before the Lord with all his might." 

The images for the illustrations in this video are imaginary except for King David and the two young dancers in the paintings/slides he appears in. 

Also, the young girl worshiping with outspread hands and "Jesus rising" are figures I painted for a Sunday School Curriculum years ago.

Both figures were modified drastically so that my images would not look like portraits of themselves.

My husband Mark posed for King David and my daughter Faith and her friend posed for the two dancers with tambourines. 

All other human and heavenly figures were based on my imagination rather than on human models.

Even when I worked as a freelance illustrator and I created illustrations from models, I first drew the scenes from my imagination so that the models would know how to pose. 

But the publishers I worked for usually preferred realistic figures.

A couple of the slides with images featuring Heaven are derived from my book "Paths of Love, Illustrated Prayersongs Book 2." 

This book is now available again in Ebook and paperback formats.

The image of Michal is totally imaginary and she somehow wasn't hard at all to think up as all I had to do was imagine how I feel when I get a migraine and someone makes any noise at all ~I can't condemn anyone~LOL:)

The figure of Jesus Christ was inspired from a vision the Lord gave me in 2006 when I first became very ill with CFS. 

However, I have discovered when looking at images of Jesus Christ, that there are thousands out there, and they all begin to look alike at some point. 

Whenever I would paint the Lord's portrait, I would inevitably see one that looked so much like mine, I'd swear the artist had copied me.
But there IS a real, live Jesus! I know He looks like Himself to each soul He created, but there is going to be a similarity, no matter what race or color the artist paints Him. I had to just stop looking at Pinterest or go insane. 

I used to always use models for my Jesus portraits and then I would modify their faces and figures till all you could see of the original person was their smile which would have been why I had chosen them to pose for me.
The model who posed for Jesus rising from the dead in this video years ago was Scott, who is now a Pastor and a missionary. Back when he posed as Jesus for me, he was a young Bible college student and youth pastor. 

When I worked as a freelance artist I routinely used models for most of my professional illustrations. I always obtained model release forms from those who posed for me. 

When I became ill, the Lord began leading me to draw and paint more and more from my imagination for I had no time or energy to work the way I once did.

This illustrated video prayer poem was truly a joy to make!
I pray it will bless you as much as the Lord blessed me as He helped me to create it for you!

~Love in Christ, Suzanne

*Technical Specifics: For those of you who like technical details, I used Adobe Spark software to create the slides as well as the video. 

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