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This review is from: God's Rainbow Promise (MP3 Music)

The ethereal voice of Suzanne Davis Harden flows like a peaceful stream leading your heart to Jesus.

Each unique prayer song is reminiscent of Celtic style music mixed with the influence of Gregorian chants, and joyful notes cascade like raindrops full of sunshine and praise on the piano solos.

These original compositions and arrangements are a gentle, loving embrace for your heart, mind, and spirit.

They draw you to time with Jesus and our Heavenly Father. The cares of the world fall away as your very soul finds home. GOD'S RAINBOW PROMISE is an oasis amid the seas of tribulation with hope embodied in each song.

Her performance of the traditional hymns on the later tracks resounds with the sanctity of God; the sanctuary of His presence uplifts the heart in praise. An album anointed with grace, it is a treasure of heaven.

God's Rainbow Promise is a lovely mix of songs, beautifully performed. The album is wonderfully relaxing - I highly recommend it.

God's Rainbow Promise

Suzanne's ethereal voice and spiritual lyrics combine to make a wonderful listening experience for all ages.

Her joyous love of God shines through in each selection and brings incredible peace to the listener.

Can't wait to hear more from this talented artist.


This album is simply wonderful.

Suzanne's music is soothing and allows the listener to just let their mind wander through the scriptures or let her words unfold their comfort to the heart.

I could go on and on but I would simply be saying this is a definite must have. Whether it's for her original songs or for her superbly played piano solos, it's a great experience.



Promising debut album from a talented artist.

The first of a series of albums, this debut contains delicately arranged melodies joined

by Harden's ethereal voice. Highly recommended.  

God's Rainbow Promise

My friend just thanked me today for this God's Rainbow Promise gift I gave her.

Thank you so much she said, it is beautiful music & such a sweet sweet voice, my neighbor loves it too & is listening to it right now.

Thank you so much. ~BetJimm

God's Rainbow Promise

"A wonderful, relaxing album." ~F.H.


God's Rainbow Promise

"Such beautiful music! Suzanne has a unique style with inspiring lyrics.

I like to listen to her CDs to create an atmosphere of peace and worship." ~Tonya Benni

Christmas Joy

"Beautiful music! Great for a gift!" ~Tonya Benni

"Angelsong, Peaceful Piano Solos"

"Outstanding! Talent & Inspiration working together to bring sweet melodies to the ear and soothing peace to the soul! I love it!"

~Challenged Too

Angel Song, Peaceful Piano Solos

"This is a beautiful and uplifting collection of songs." ~fh_80 May 10, 2014

Angel Song, Peaceful Piano Solos

"I recently purchased a copy of Suzanne's "Peaceful Piano Solos" and found it to be a lovely reflection of Suzanne's heart. You can feel her love for the Lord with each song. If you are looking for music that will fill your day with peace and tranquility, look no farther."~DarleneWW
(August 10, 2014)




meditative & relaxing

A selection of joyful and peaceful piano compositions to relax the mind and soothe the soul.



a unique and beautiful collection

Another unique collection of songs by a talented musical artist

Mercy River Melodies

This review is from: Alison D. Morrisette
Beautifully Inspiring!
Such a wonderful album! So soothing and inspired! Every track helps bring me to the place where I can shut down and come into the presence of the Lord to worship my King!!! I highly recommend it!

Mercy River Melodies: Piano, Strings and Guitar Instrumentals

Absolutely love this one. I found that by listening to it when facing and/or amidst a time of apprehension, that peace soon settles and dispels the dark clouds.
5.0 out of 5 stars The wind blows strands of hair from your reddened face ..., September 29, 2014
This review is from: Mercy River Melodies (MP3 Music)
The wind blows strands of hair from your reddened face upon reaching the pinnacle of the precipice. Aching muscles and lungs gasping from exertion ease as you survey the view of God’s creation from the mountaintop. His voice is in the peace between the winds buffeting the summit and bids you to rest a moment. But just for a moment, for we cannot stay on top of mountains forever. Conditions only allow a visit of appreciation, awe, and the acclaim of eternity, as well as amazement at the mercy along the journey bringing this moment of triumphant.
Suzanne Davis Harden’s composition of “God’s Holy Mountain” featuring piano and strings brings these images to my heart upon the first notes from her album MERCY RIVER MELODIES. The piano, strings, and guitar compositions throughout Mrs. Harden’s newest release each evoke distinctive imagery in your heart and mind, releasing stress and cares, and moving the listener to rejoice. I give this album five stars.


The Pinnacle of Vocal Purity and Soul-felt Prayer Songs

By Lana L. Higginbotham on November 14, 2014

The voices of Maire Brennan, Enya, … and now this artist- Suzanne Davis Harden bring peace and comfort to your soul in the haunting beauty of Celtic-tinged songs. What sets Mrs. Harden apart is the deep worship and relationship with our Lord evidenced in her original musical compositions and lyrics. I was introduced to this artist’s drawings and paintings on Twitter first, and later, as I followed her and got to know her better, discovered her beautiful music and voice. She is genuine and steadfast in all of her endeavors. I have two other of her albums/MP3s: GOD’S RAINBOW PROMISE and CHRISTMAS JOY. Each is unique and amazing. However, I feel she has surpassed all of her magnificent previous works with this new album. PATHS OF PEACE is the pinnacle of vocal purity and soul-felt prayer songs. Before continuing this review, I must disclose that Mrs. Harden did notify me of finding inspiration for one of the songs (“Lead Me Ever On”) on this album from reading some of my novels. Although deeply honored by this, it is not the reason for writing my review of her album. The words of the songs on her newest release are soul impacting. All of the tracks moved my heart, and I know they will minister to all who listen. My rating is five stars (If available, it warrants ten stars).

Paths of Peace Original Prayer Songs of Love and Peace CD

Again, another ministry of peace sung with love and compassion.
~Liana Wendy Howarth

CHRISTMAS JOY ~Songs of Peace & Joy to fill your Heart with the Spirit of Christmas!

This is so beautiful. It fills the air with sweet Christmas melodies and touches the heart in oh! so many different ways. Tears ... smiles ... memories. A gift to treasure.
~Liana Wendy Howarth

Christmas Joy

Beautiful music! Great for a gift! ~Tonya Benni

By Lana L. Higginbotham on December 21, 2013

Suzanne Davis Harden’s CHRISTMAS JOY reflects the title in every note. Each song and composition is full of hopeful reflection and rejoices in the true meaning of Christmas. In a commercial market of Christmas albums, where even the traditional songs become shallow semblances of the compositions they present, CHRISTMAS JOY delights the listener’s heart with original and traditional songs with heartwarming reverence bubbling with effervescing hope. Many of the piano compositions bring visions of watching snowflakes dance from the sky, glistening with eternal light, while reflecting on past Christmases and praising God for the present–both of time and in God’s gift of His Son, Jesus. The warmth of home and family also dance through the notes. I recommend this unique and needed Christmas album returning the honor and meaning of Christmas to the Lord.



uniquely serene holiday music

Experience the peace and wonder of the holiday season with this serene collection of piano solos.

Engraved Upon His Hand

A beautiful new album

By fh_80 –Feb. 10, 2015

True to its title, this album is a beautiful collection of peaceful piano solos. Highly recommended.

Rivers of Grace: Peaceful Guitar Melodies

ITunes ~by fh_80  Five Stars

"Soothing ~A tranquil collection of guitar based melodies."

 Beloved Hymns of The Christian Faith Audio Cd by Suzanne Davis Harden


Wings Publications on Etsy ~by Bettjimm ~ 5 Stars
"I was so pleased when this arrived so quickly for me to enjoy and enjoying this calming beautiful rendition of some of my favorite hymns is exactly what I have been doing.
Thank you Susan Davis Harden for your tender voice and music on this beautiful CD . You did it again~ a must have in my book."


Truly Inspired Worship! By Alison D. Morrisette on September 2, 2015

Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase
Just got soothing, inspired and such an incredible blessing to listen to! Once again Suzanne takes worship to another level with her beautiful voice, melodies and lyrics! Paths of Love is simply beautiful to listen too...quiets the soul, enabling the love of God to pour forth!
Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase
A lovely collection of inspirational worship music, perfect for prayerful meditation and reflection upon the Lord's written message to His church. The lyrics are inspired directly from the Holy Scriptures and the instrumentals are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Each musical selection is a joy to listen to and offers the comfort and assurance of knowing the Lord's love for his people.

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