Not Perfect...

Savior of My Soul

Prayer Song Lyrics & Music © 2011 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.


O, I will trust the living God,

The Savior of my soul-

I may not understand His ways

But He is in control.


My path may be obscure

And in the darkness lie,

But I will hope in Jesus

Who holds me in His eye.


He will not forget me

For I have been engraved

Upon His holy hands;

For Him my soul is saved.


For Him I am redeemed,

For Him I am reserved;

For Him I am a trophy

Of His grace to be preserved.


And though I sit in darkness

With trees that will not bud,

I have a promise from the Lord

That spring will surely come.


Though winter struts along

Like it will never end;

It’s just a giant’s shadow~

The spring He soon will send.


God’s promises are sure

Though I must walk by faith;

Such wonder in believing;

Such hope it generates!


Oh I will trust the living God,

The Savior of my soul;

O Lord, you know the paths I take,

For You are in control.


Yes, You are in control;

You know what’s best for me;

You’ve set apart unto Your heart

Those who will but believe.


 And you will keep your promises

To those who trust in You

Though they may not understand

The mysteries of Truth.


Though I sit in darkness

On a path I had not planned

I will trust I am engraved

Upon Your holy hand.


And You will keep Your promises,

For You are in control,

O You will not forget me,

O Savior of my soul.



One of my favorite piano solos to play has always been "Savior of My Soul."  And even though it is one of the first instrumentals the Lord taught me, and although I play it almost every night because I just love to and it gives me great joy, I can somehow never play that song through without missing at least a couple notes. Since I wrote the song, I know exactly how it is supposed to sound, so when I miss a note, I realize it right away and is just bugs me.

But the Lord takes issue with people who try to be perfect all the time at everything. I have begun to think that till the day He takes me home that He will never allow me to play that song through perfectly. But I have not allowed my imperfections to lesson my joy in playing that song. The Bible tells us to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord!"

The Instrumental Music for this prayer song, "Savior of My Soul," can be found in the music player playlist at the bottom of this page.  I was busy with my art career when the Lord gave me the music for "Savior of My Soul." I knew very little about composing piano solos except that I liked listening to them while I created my art.

But this whole prayer song is about trusting God when He calls us to a path we are not familiar with; when He calls us out of our comfort zone into something we know nothing about where we are very vulnerable. I can tell you that this is a very humbling experience.

As you listen to my early piano solo you will hear that it was not created by a professional musician and, though it is a lovely, and played with the utmost love and sincerity, it is not perfect. It was created and recorded by someone who was simply listening to God and obeying His voice and trusting Him. So often my fears and doubts would get in the way, and I would miss a note here and there. Yet I recorded the song anyway to remind myself that I was not perfect and never would be. I also wanted to remember how fear and doubt can hinder the flow of one's creativity. Had I allowed fear to keep me from recording that song, I would have grieved God for He had blessed me with it. Even though in my eyes it may not have "measured up", it did in His eyes.

All of my music comes from simply trusting God. He asked me make music for Him and I said yes.
If we trust God, nothing is impossible for us. When our fears and doubts get in the way, we are hindered and stumble.

So often, when we strive for perfection, we are not seeking to exalt Jesus, but to exalt ourselves and wanting man's praise for our accomplishments. But God will have no rivals for His glory. Several things can happen when we allow perfectionism to control us.

The worst thing is that we will not allow ourselves to bear fruit for God for fear that our work is not good enough. We are afraid that is does not meet the invisible standard we have erected in our minds that we must meet before we can share it. We are afraid that if we do share it that others will belittle us, think less of our skills, or any number of little fears that imprison and choke our creativity and bind us from bearing fruit for God.

Fear is deadly and among other things, it can mask itself as perfectionism. And perfectionism imprisons creativity, make no mistake.

Allow yourself to make those mistakes and don't worry what anyone else thinks of you. Mistakes are part of growing and learning. Besides, it is only God's approval of you that really matters.

The great artist Fra Angelico is said to have never modified anything that he painted. When asked why he never made any corrections to his work he said that what he created must have been what God had intended. He must have been a very humble man.

The Bible tells us that God resists the proud but is very close to the humble. Be willing to share your gifts if He asks you to. Don't wait until you think you are "good enough." You only have one standard to live up to and that is God's standard. He cherishes you. Be who He created you to be. And you will have joy in who you are and joy in your work. God Bless you! ~Suzanne :)


Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the gifts You have invested in each one of us. None of us are perfect nor can we be no matter how hard we strive. Help us to be who You created us to be, to love ourselves, to trust that You are always in control of our lives, You know the beginning from the end of all things, and You will fulfill Your purpose for us as we trust You. Thank You, Oh Savior of our Soul, for nothing is impossible with You when we put our faith and trust in You! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Peaceful Prayer Songs Messages Of Hope, "Savior of My Soul" © 2011 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.

Scripture Illustration © Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.




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