May You Have Eyes To See


Ipad Painting © 2015 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved.





© 2015 S.D. Harden All Rights Reserved. 


Did you ever stop to think


That somehow you might be


The answer to another's prayer


The one who'll meet their need?


Never think that you are one


Whom God would never use;


That you have nothing much to give,


That you He'd never choose.


God doesn't need great talent,


Knowledge, or great skill,


He only seeks an eager heart


That wants to do His will.


You are someone's blessing,


A gift that someone needs,


And no one else will do but you;


May you have eyes to see.


May you have eyes to see


That you are special and beloved


To the One who gave you life,


The Holy God above.



Illustration Notes:

I painted the above painting with my Ipad and stylus using the Paper 53 app and Art Studio app and my stylus. The model was a server in a chocolate shop where people are anything but unhappy because there are too many tasty treats! The woman's head was down and though she was not weeping I added a tear to my figure in the illustration and a number of other embellishments, like the birds in the background and the designs on her clothing.

Many artists use what is called "artistic license" in drawing and painting their pictures from reality. Their goal is to be inspired by what they see and to add elements from their own imagination to create an entirely new reality in whatever medium they might be working in.

Some artists want their work to look just like a photograph, so they go for an ultra realistic look. 

Whatever the approach, as long as the work brings the artist joy, it will bless the artist and the viewer.


"May You Have Eyes To See" Illustration & Poem © 2015 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved. Illustration Notes © 2015 Suzanne's Sketchbook All Rights Reserved.

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